VIII International
Architecture Forum

September 10, 2019 / KYIV



  1. Live Presentations
    Presentations of the projects of leading foreign and Ukrainian architects.
  2. Product Showcase
    Acquaintance with the newest architecture and design tendencies and technologies.
  3. Discussion Panels
    Discussions featuring real estate and construction markets experts.
  4. Master Classes
    Master classes of the leading foreign and Ukrainian architects.
  5. Seminar Programme
    A number of training seminars, in which foreign and Ukrainian architects are participating.
  6. VIP Cocktail
    Closed party for the guests of the Forum.


The mission of the International Architecture Forum is spreading of the advanced architecture ideas among Ukrainian professionals.


  • Demonstration of the modern architecture tendencies.
  • Acquaintance of Ukrainian architects with their international colleagues, sharing of experience.
  • Acquaintance of Ukrainian real estate sphere professionals with achievements of architectureand design craftsmanship, works of international architects.
  • Formation of the platform for communication and mending of partner relationships between Ukrainian and international companies.
  • Formation of the discussion platform for consideration of the tendencies and factors, which determine the development and change of the architecture of separate buildings and cities in general.