VIII International
Architecture Forum

September 10, 2019 / KYIV

Anatoliy Livshyts

Anatoliy Livshyts,
President, Acoustic Group (Russia)

Theme: «Creating an Acoustic Comfort in the Public Areas and Its Impact on Customer Acquisition»

Biographical Data and Professional Experience:

Anatoliy Livshyts graduated from the Moscow Institute of Railway Transport Engineers in specialty “Industrial and Civil Engineering”. In 1999 he founded the group of companies Acoustic Group and to present he is the company’s president.

Anatoliy Livshyts is the leading specialist in the field of architectural acoustics, author of more than 10 patents on sound-proof products. He directed the acoustic design and construction of halls of the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the reconstruction of Helikon-Opera (Moscow) and design for more than 50 music and theatre halls and community centers in the Eastern European countries.

Acoustic Group

Acoustic Group originates from the organization in 1999 of a private company for the production and sale of special designs to increase the sound insulation of existing walls and partitions. Currently the group of companies is a leader in the Eastern European market of acoustic services in construction. Its field of activity contains the following areas: designing and consulting in the field of architectural and building acoustics and vibration isolation engineering equipment and buildings, scientific research, acoustic measurements, production of its own materials and designs to struggle with noise and vibration, training and education on branch topics.

The Company has subsidiaries in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, as well as in major cities of Russia. Acoustic Group participated in the realization of a huge number of facilities, including housing construction, sports buildings, entertainment, shopping and cultural facilities.