VIII International
Architecture Forum

September 10, 2019 / KYIV

Hiroki Matsuura

Hiroki Matsuura,
Partner at MAXWAN, Founding Partner at MASA architects (Netherlands)

Theme: «Are there golden rules for the urban development and the architecture in the era of global change?»

Professional Experience:

Hiroki Matsuura is a Partner/Design Principal of MAXWAN since 2004. His extensive track record and expertise range from large-scale urban design, landscape design to architecture. Hiroki Matsuura is in charge of the international business development of MAXWAN and lectures regularly throughout the world. He is the Design Principal of the Skolkovo Gardens (50 ha park design of Skolkovo) in Moscow. And he is currently the member of the Urban Council at the Skolkovo Foundation.

Since 2015, Hiroki Matsuura together with Rene Sangers established MASA architects operating Architecture/Interior/Product design.

Hiroki Matsuura teaches and lectures at Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, The Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, TU Delft and is a guest professor at MARCH (The Moscow School of Architecture).


MAXWAN is established in 1994 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They are an international practice dedicated to contemporary urban design and landscape design. Working on a broad variety of subjects, MAXWAN have made a name for themselves internationally with innovative proposals for the new town of Leidsche Rijn (75,000 residents and a hidden highway), the 10,800 houses Master Plan for Barking Riverside, the Master Plan A101 for a new city of 300 000 inhabitants on the fringes of Moscow.

MASA architects

MASA architects operates in the field of architecture, interior and product design. In 2015, the architecture department of Maxwan a+u (since 1994) became an independent agency called MASA architects.

MASA orchestrates design as a synthesis of architecture, urbanism and landscape due to our 20 years of intensive mix field of practices at MAXWAN. For MASA, architecture is not an independent object but rather an environment.

MASA is naturally the blend of Japanese sensitivity & Dutch pragmatism.