VIII International
Architecture Forum

September 10, 2019 / KYIV

Szymon Wojciechowski

Szymon Wojciechowski,
Architect, Co-owner, President of the Board at APA Wojciechowski (Poland)

Тема: «Turning Industrial Area into the Living Cities. Risk. Challenges. Opportunities»

Education and Professional Experience:

Szymon Wojciechowski is an architect with over thirty years of experience. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology, and is a member of the Regional Chamber of Architects (Mazowieckiej Okręgowej Izby Architektów). Since 1982, he has been working with studio APA, currently APA Wojciechowski Sp. z oo, in which he serves as CEO. Many years of experience combined with a passion to create and a fondness for beautiful shapes allows him to design buildings not only with unique designs and spectacular interiors, but also great functionality.

Szymon Wojciechowski is the author or co-author of many well-known architectural projects, including office centers White Square in Moscow and Alchemy in Gdansk, Galeria Malta SEC in Poznan and EC Powisle MUC in Warsaw, innovation parks UNIT.City in Kyiv and LvivTech.City in Lviv, and many others.

Winner of numerous awards including 1st place in the competition “Forbes Professionals 2012”, “Architect of the Year” granted by the Commercial Real Estate Moscow Awards 2010, and winner of the “Architect of the Year 2009”, awarded by CEE Real Estate Quality Awards in cooperation with the Financial Times.