VIII International
Architecture Forum

September 10, 2019 / KYIV

Willem-Joost de Vris

Willem-Joost de Vris,
partner, co-owner of the T+T Deign Architect Bureau

Topic: «Shaping the Space. How to create a better city»

T+T Design

T+T Design B.V. is an architect bureau of Multi Corporation company headquartered in Gouda(The Netherlands). From the moment of foundation of the T+T Design architect bureau in the structure ofMulti Corporation the team of professionals has carried out more than 140 projects. In 1980-s the T+T Design bureau introduced a new idea in the commercial property development. The most important element for conventional development projects, carrying out of which was based mainly on saving principle, was esthetic quality of the object, as well as correspondence to architectural city concept. This idea was introduced with the only aim to improve quality of the public area. It gave an impulse to integration of design and developmentin the Multi company policy. T+T Deign bureau develops design concepts in close collaboration with municipal officials, economic aspect, project implementation and quality for which do matter a lot.


Multi Corporation

Multi Corporation is a leading European developer of inner-city retail space, comprising complementary companies specialized in property development, investment, asset management and property management. Multi invests in, develops and manages large-scale and multifunctional shopping centers, and also carries out the redevelopment of urban shopping centers projects. Multi is active in 14 countries. The head office is located in the Netherlands. Company has offices in Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany,United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Turkey.